Entry Form


Each week you will choose 1 driver who you think will finish in the top 10. If that driver does finish in the top 10, your streak continues on to the next week. If your driver finishes outside the top 10, your streak is over and you start again next week.

Each week you will post your driver via the Beat the Streak Entry Form. You will receive a confirmation of your car# selection via email.

You can only use a driver once during your current streak. Once your streak is over, you may use that driver again. You can also choose any driver that someone else has already picked that week. If you choose a driver that is already in your current streak, you will not be notified about it. You will receive 0 points that week and your streak will end.

Scoring: You will receive 1-10 points for your driver if they finish in the top 10. If that driver finishes 1st, you will receive 10 points. If that driver finishes 10th, you will receive 1 point. You will also receive bonus points (times 5) for each week of your streak. If it's your first week, you receive 5 points.If you make it to two weeks, you receive 10 points...Three weeks, 15 points, etc..... Those bonus points will be added to your drivers score. If your driver finishes outside the top 10, you receive 0 points and your streak stops. You will start fresh the next week.Points will be accumulated each week until the end of the season.

Deadlines: The deadline to post your picks is the same deadline for the Cup race each week. After the deadline passes, the entry form date will change to next weeks location and no futher picks accepted.

Click on the Entry Form link under the title at the top of the page to enter. You can also access the Beat the Streak Entry Form from the main P10 Select page.Best of Luck!!