P10 Cup - Past Season Champions / Results

2001 - John Peterson

Inaugural champion of P10 Select online. John's 4 year career lasted through the 2004 season never finishing lower than 6th (2002) with a runner-up finish in 2003.

2002 - Tribe

Won the championship in his first season of P10 Select competition. Tribe won one of the closer finishes just 62 points ahead of runner-up Hannahs.

2003 - JG4TMR

After a runner-up finish in 2001 and a 5th in 2002 JG4TMR made his mark in 2003 winning the P10 Select Championship by 682 points.

2004 - Scrub

His championship was paved with 3 victories during the season in route to a 334 point margin over oxy for the title.

2005 - JG4TMR

The second of his two P10 Select Championships came in the '05 season. He bested runner-up Dusty by 641 points for the title becoming the only two time P10 Select Cup Champion.

2006 - T&W Racing

In one of the rarest of feats T&W Racing won his championship without winning a single race during the 2006 season. Even more impressive was his 795 point margin of victory.

2007 - 1 mikes40

2007 found the rise of the Indiana boys and 1 mikes40 was the leader of the pack. His 148 point victory over Sparkle was a battle to the end. Again a championship is won without the aid of a race win.

2008 - Hoser

After 2 straight years of winless champions Hoser at least scored a single race win in route to a 292 points championship campaign for the title in '08. His 17797 points are a new record for most points scored in a single season.

2009 - Wolfek420

With a record setting performance Wolfek420 took the league by storm this season winning 3 events en route to a 535 point victory with 16943 points scored.

2010 - Zorrohd1

Zorrohd1 set a new single season record for most wins by winning 5 events en route to a whopping 899 point victory. His 17408 points was the second highest points scored in a single season.

2011 - 1 mikes40

1 mikes40 became the second P10 Select member to win two Cup series championships in a career joining JG4TMR in that elite short list. 877 pts was the winning margin.

2012 - RPV Bossman

RPV Bossman finished 239 points out front for his first P10 Select Cup Championship. Amazingly he was the model of consistancy all season taking the title with no wins and only 3 top 5's and 5 top 10's scoring 15235 total points.

2013 - #48wins6

#48wins6 wins her first P10 Select Cup Championship finishing 155 points ahead of the feild. She finshed the season with 1 race win, 4 top 5's and 6 top 10's racing to a 14693 point total.

2014 - Champ24

Champ24 finshed the season with 1 race win, 4 top 5's and 6 top 10's racing to a 15333 point total for his first P10 Cup Championship.

2015 - Lavalight

Lavalight finshed the season with 3 race wins, 7 top 5's and 12 top 10's racing to a 17500 point total and a astonishing 778 point margin of victory for her first P10 Cup Championship.

2016 - Hoser

Hoser finshed the season with 1 race win, 4 top 5's and 6 top 10's racing to a 15657 point total for a narrow 3 point margin of victory over 2015 champion Lavalight for his second P10 Select Cup Championship.

2017 - Phenomenon323

With his 2017 Championship Phenomenon323 became the second person to win a title in all three P10 Select top level series. A great accomplishment needless to say. He finshed the 2017 season with 1 race win, 4 top 5's and 12 top 10's racing to a 18438 point total, 123 point margin over the field.