P-10 Rules and Scoring
for Cup, Nationwide and Trucks Series


The object is to pick the top 10 finishing order for the current weeks race in the order you think they will finish by car number.  Also pick the driver who will lead the most laps during the race(not the number of laps led).

All picks must be submitted by race time on Sunday (or Saturday in some instances).  The form submits a time/date stamp on the posting so that I can tell when it was submitted. If anyone wants to make a change to their original picks just re-submit the entry again.  I will use The last entry recieved in case of multiple entries. If any race is rain delayed to a later date or time, an entry will be accepted up to the time the race is officially started.


Correctly selecting a driver to finish in exact order:
1st - 143        6th - 88
2nd - 142       7th - 87
3rd - 141       8th - 86
4th - 140       9th - 85
5th - 139      10th - 84

Correctly selecting the driver who will lead the most laps:
25 points

Top five correct - 100 (pick someone in the top five & they
finish anywhere in the top five except where you picked).

Top ten correct - 50 (pick someone in the top ten & they finish
anywhere in the top ten except where you picked).